corporate social responsibility

Ranfer Flexible Packaging organizes Corporate Social Responsibility projects for low income families in the Ekala area. The Ranfer Flex’s social commitment to support communities in the areas such as Education, Health, Environment and Disaster Relief.

Ranfer Group  provides lunch to approximately 50 inmates of the Madiwela Partly Abled Boys’ Home & Pre-vocational Training Centre at No,45, Madiwela Road, Nugegoda on 12th September 2015.

 CSR project Ranfer Sri Lanka Chairman Ranfer Group in CSR Project  Madiwela-Partly-Abled-Boys-Home-CSR-Ranfer08 Madiwela-Partly-Abled-Boys-Home-CSR-Ranfer10 Madiwela-Partly-Abled-Boys-Home-CSR-Ranfer09 Madiwela-Partly-Abled-Boys-Home-CSR-Ranfer07 Madiwela-Partly-Abled-Boys-Home-CSR-Ranfer02 Madiwela-Partly-Abled-Boys-Home-CSR-Ranfer03 Madiwela-Partly-Abled-Boys-Home-CSR-Ranfer05 Madiwela-Partly-Abled-Boys-Home-CSR-Ranfer11