Welcome to the Ranfer’s world of flexible printing & packaging


To be recognized as a stake holder of the global base of the flexible packaging industry seeking innovative and creative solutions.


In keeping with our Vision we are committed to empower a system that is directed towards retaining the highest image in quality and service orientation to our business partners.


Our group engulfs 15 companies operating actively in varied disciplines of business and trade enjoying a very stable financial base. In maintaining our overseas offices in Kenya, Malawi and Vietnam together with our activities in Colombo.

Ranfer Flexible Packaging with its state of the art machinery backed by expertise has emerged as a key player and front-liner in Sri Lanka’s flexible packaging industry. Their presence in the marketing environment provides a gateway to an exiting new frontier of techno designed printing thus far unexplored in the Country. Their enthusiastic team of expert personnel backed by Ranfer Group of Companies who are the promoters and the main stakeholder of the Organisation provides the complete solutions covering the areas of creative designing, high caliber printing, packaging consultancy, etc with unmatched service commitments. The spectrum of clientele the Organisation currently holds are the market leaders of a varied sector that requires the above referred to packaging.


In keeping with the projected development of packaging industry within the country , the group’s management has ventured into an industrialized project of processing high barrier flexible packaging covering a wide range of double and triple laminated products. The new organization’s initial target is to be an active partner of the county’s aspirations of enhancing its value added base covering Tea, Spices, Coffee, Toffees, Biscuits, Herbal products, Fertilizer, Chocolates, Snacks, Bakery products, Noodles, Soya nuggets, Processed meats, Dry Rations, Pesticides, Weedecides, Ice packets, Ice chocks and Beverages etc.

In addition it’s been extremely successful in provision of above items to the country’s ever expanding local consumer and industrialized products. The opportunity also avails itself for undertaking the processing and supply of these items for the export market. The company offers a specialized professionalism in respect of total solution to its prestigious and valued customers.


A team of well trained and experienced personnel have been enlisted and are committed to a work program of extended hours, weekends, etc The procedure is much in keeping with practices specified by ISO 22000

The company’s sponsors and share profile

The company has been sponsored entirely through finance and personnel by Ranfer Group of Companies who remain the major and controlling shareholder. The board of directors consists of following:

Mr.Nirmal Ranasinghe – Chairman
Mr.Rajiv De Sylva – Managing Director
Mr.Travis Fernando – Director
Mr.Damitha Gomez – Director

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